Web Solutions

Do you want to expand your business and move to a new spaces more spacious and easier to reach more customers and enjoy the ease of communication with your customers directly whatever distance and whatever geographical location?

Here is the solution from AlHuda Software.
We offer our Customers a variety of websites design, development and web hosting plans with unique capabilities to suit all customer needs. taking in consideration that it can be upgraded from one plan to another at any time according to customer request without affecting the basic content of the site, which saves the customer the cost of additional services may not need at the current time.

All plans are characterized by special specifications and suit all the work and activities in addition to extra features in the top plans according to each plan.

General features for all dynamic sites plans.

  • Mobile first responsive design.
  • Dynamk website allows you to add unlimited number of pages and articles.
  • A powerful control panel that allows control and display of reports on the site.
  • You can add and register an unlimited number of users and members of the site.
  • Grant and revoke permissions from the site user.
  • Allow users or visitors to comment on articles or pages.
  • Search engines friend and compatible website(SEO) .
  • Ability to add a topic reviews (make additional copies of the pages before editing them to be referenced later).
  • Secure websites with strong protection.
  • In the future, you can upgrade from one plan to another without affecting the site content.
  • We also design and develop static websites at very competitive prices with responsive designs that work on all devices(Mobile First) . For more information please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.