AlHuda Software

AlHuda Software.

AlHuda Software head office is located in Sohag, Egypt.

Al Huda Software aims to provide a suite of powerful applications and tools to accomplish the required tasks - manage and control customer activities - accurately and quickly.

Which runs on a variety of platforms, especially the most used. Al-Huda Software is primarily depends on free software and platforms (open source) wherever possible, which grants customers multiple benefits like.

  • Reduce cost significantly.
  • Use genuine (non-pirated) software copies and unlimited in duration or use.
  • In most cases there is no third party license fees.

Features and general characteristics of applications.

  • Powerful applications that run on multiple platforms.
  • Centralized applications Data is stored and deployed centrally on a server or group of main servers and can be contacted from anywhere.
  • Multiple users where more than one user is considered working together at the same time.
  • A powerful and effective privilege system which can control the most accurate details of the work easily and through a smooth working interface.