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General features for all dynamic sites plans.

  • Only 100$ USD OR Equivalent in any other currency Instead of 250$ USD .
  • Mobile first responsive design.
  • Dynamic website allows you to add unlimited number of pages and articles.
  • A powerful control panel that allows control and display of reports on the site.
  • You can add and register an unlimited number of users and members of the site.
  • Grant and revoke permissions from the site user.
  • Allow users or visitors to comment on articles or pages.
  • Search engines friend and compatible website(SEO) .
  • Ability to add a topic reviews (make additional copies of the pages before editing them to be referenced later).
  • Secure websites with strong protection.
  • We can provide web host plans depending on customer's request OR the customer can reserve the suitable plan by himself (host plans are not included in the offer).